Our mission

The Growth, Rural Resilience and Innovation Network (GRRaIN) aims to become a centre of excellence for the development of entrepreneurialism in rural areas dedicated to developing innovative strategies and practical solutions that address the challenges of rural business start-ups, enterprise and entrepreneur -driven business. GRRaIN will disseminate new knowledge, solutions, and strategies resulting from research and provide a valuable network for the rural business community. 

Our aims

GRRaIN aims to:

  • Build an international reputation for connecting and infomrning rural enterprise and rural entrepreneurs.
  • Provide emerging rural enterprises with  the high quality knowledge and commercial support programmes (KTPs, KEPs, WBL etc) required to grow and develop 

In order to achieve these aims, the GRRaIN will develop a number of key enablers. These enablers are:

  • Enabler 1:  To develop Aberystwyth University staff capability and capacity to share high quality research and facilitate knowledge exchange  that contributes to the rural enterprise needs.
  • Enabler 2: To provide a positive practical link for rural enterprises  to reach research expertise  that meets demands of their organisations, the rural economy and the Welsh Government, by facilitating access to students, graduates, staff and the local community with a keen interest in business start-up and entrepreneurialism.
  • Enabler 3: To provide well-informed and trained graduates into the rural economy