BioInnovation Wales offering free online modules to people living or working in Wales

The BioInnovation Wales project is offering its last semester of FREE online modules to people living or working in Wales. These modules have been created to help Welsh Agri-food businesses to start to integrate Circular Economy thinking into their business practice. 

Student Elan Davies

Student Elan Davies, a red meat technical officer for the Farming Connect project said:

I’m always looking for opportunities to develop my knowledge further, and I’m very lucky to work for a company that also encourages us to do this. Working with forward thinking and progressive farmers in my day to day role means that I need to keep up to date with the latest developments and research within the industry; taking part in the BioInnovation modules helps me do this.

BioInnovation is open to anyone in Wales with a relevant degree or experience. However, people without either of these, are welcome to take a module for the sheer joy of learning! They can choose whether to take assignments or not; and if they do successfully complete assignments and want to go further there are opportunities to be accepted onto the Master’s programme.

Further information

Further details about courses at BioInnovation are available online: https://bioinnovationwales

Phone: 01970 823224